okay so cedar or spruce?
I've been looking into acoustic wood types and im leaning towards spruce cause ive heard it has a better projection sound. Of course i could make a a cedar into a sort of makeshift acoustic electric but im saving that for my second acoustic. anyways im just gonna focus on soundboards instead of the rest of the body because the local music stores dont seem to have much of a variety.

so acoustic guitar genius wisdom suggestions are welcome.
i have both on some vintage classicals. they are just different. there are so many other things making a good acoustic good neither wood would be my main cause in buying an acoustic. there are much more importaint factors. get the one that sounds best.

my classicals are all vintage, with naturally aged wood for the 50's and IIRC a little bit in the 1960's, and haveing one classical that is pre WWII.
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ive only worked with sitka spruce so far, one acoustic one electric semihollow with spruce top and back. im also selling a bunch of bookmatched sets in the sale section (wink wink) lol

i really like sitka spruce, its been easy to work with. i also refer to them as soundboards, because thats one of the names, but he is right above, its easily misinterpreted. tone wood, top wood, soundboard, top, whatever, its all the same, im just used to soundboard...

my sitka spruce topped acoustic that mike doolin and i built was on an applause plastic back, and it sounds great. i love it and wouldnt change the sound for much else. great balance in sound, fairly bright but has a lot of lows, and pretty loud. theres a pretty bad link in my signature to the applartin to hear it, or it was used back in high school to do this song as a project too, both are rough recordings...

we used a martin steel string blueprint (X-bracing).