Looking for (at least) a half stack. Budget around $1000, give or take a couple. I play mostly metal, and hard rock. I'm more concerned with having good lead distortion on the amp (clean is not as important).
I'm currently using a Spider III 75W
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the basics. god i wish other people would read other people's amp threads, so they could get the idea.

here is the general list that is recommended to anyone.

peavey 5150/6505
peavey XXX
peavey JSX
Mesa Single rec

all would have to be used, amd you also probably dont want a half stack as much as you think you do. 2x12" s are pretty much just as beastly and are much easier to carry around.

read some of these or do some searching.


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^that basically cept i would also suggest a head and 2x12 cab configuraion of the above of you can afford it for portability sake

if not a 2x12 combo would be just as good
a good head and a 2x12 combo would be great. However, you will get a little more bottom end and volume from a 4x12.

Heads I would recommend:

Peavey 6505+
Carvin X100b
Carvin V3
Marhsall MA series
Peavey JSX / XXX II
Bugera 333XL
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