So, I'm currently on a project to get an Ibanez RG321MH. It was discontinued in Europe in 2009. What a shame. The series was upgraded to Gibraltar bridge then and was continued only in the USA/Australia till present day.
Could someone suggest a reliable store in the USA that definitely ships to Europe?
The only one I found having the guitar in stock was Dancing Dragon Guitars in Oklahoma, but it doesn't looking very reliable, I've read some negative feedback about them, and not sure they'd ship a brand new guitar as they also have used.
Please suggest a good store where I can order an RG321MH from to the EU. Thanks!
I've always used Gearhounds when ordering from US to UK, 3 guitars and absolutely no problems. However im not sure whether they have that guitar, at work and can't check!
You might have some issues with customs with shipping guitars. I know I did when I was looking at getting something shipped to Aus, don't know what Europe is like though. But check out sweetwater sound and pro guitar shop. Both were awesome for me
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