This is probably something pretty obvious (and stupid), but I'm going to ask anyway because I don't know for sure.
Is it safe (for your guitar) to mix string gauges? I know using something like 12s on top and 9s for the bottom 3 is a bad idea, but my situation isn't that extreme. I'm currently playing in Drop C# and Drop D a lot and I am using all 10s except for the bottom string which is .049 (the E string from a set of 11s). I figure because it is a full step below everything else there won't be a tension problem. I will also tune up to standard every so often.
Am I right or am I missing something here?
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you are absolutely fine, as long as you are set-up accordingly.

what you are doing is somewhat akin to using a light-top heavy-bottom set. In fact, alot of what are considered popular gauges now came about because guys mashed 2-3 sets together to get the feel they wanted
You could save some money by buying a light/heavy set of strings. Some brands make strings that run like .10-52, for dropped tunings. It'd be cheaper than buying two sets and mixing the strings.
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