Need some help buying a new amp. I've got a budget of around $1000 US and need an amp for playing in a band. To give you an idea I play mostly Protest the Hero and Parkway Drive but also a lot of stuff by Slash. Dont really mind whether its a combo or stack, just need something with a killer clean tone because i use a boss metal zone and bluesdriver for distortion.

Cheers guys.
The best clean tones in the sub $2000 category are found on Hughes and Kettner Statesman combos (comes in both 40 and 60 watt models and retails for $899-999). Very transparent, sparkling cleans. However, the jury is very much out on whether they can really produce good crunch and distorted tones for hard rock. Play one if you can before buying to see if it suits you.

Otherwise, you are probably looking at a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb reissue. Breakup is better than on the Statesman and it is freaking loud. That goes for $999.

After that, you are looking at a Fender Supersonic 2X12 100 watt amp at $1999 in terms of combining nice cleans with a really hot crunch tone. The amps less than that, like some of the Marshalls (particularly the 215C and the stuff from ENGL) have only serviceable cleans but fearsome distorted or crunchy tones. Prices there are in the $1299-1599 range for combos.
How about a used Fender Twin Reverb? Dunno what the go for used in the US, but very good clean tone & thunderously loud to boot!
unless you try out a fender Super sonic I'd stay away from fender. You need an amp that has a good drive/lead ch. The Boss M zone is not a really good pedal for gain. I think you will find out that an amp with a dicent clean ch and a good drive ch is what will make you happy.

If you have a cab look at the JSX very versitile amp. Even the Bugera 333xl combo if your on a budget.
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The metal zone is a shit pedal. With a budget as big of yours, you should look into some real amps with real gain. It's going to be hard to find an amp that really fits that bill though

Ideally, you'd want a 6505 for the metal, a lower gain British amp of some sort for Slash, and a good clean amp for good cleans... that's going to be really hard to find all in one amp, mostly due to the fact that the 6505 is so distinct, and no other amp can really pull off 6505 tone besides one.

But, getting as close to meeting all your needs, I highly suggest looking into a Peavey JSX half stack.

EDIT: Haha, basically what Robbgnarly said.
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