The double neck

alright im thinking of selling my jackson king v to get this. i really want a 12 string. if the pickups sound like crap im going to put stewmacs golden age pickups. im experienced with wiring guitars and i can improve it if i need to. anyways what do you think i want it because my band is starting to play lighter stuff. and hey whats cooler then a double neck guitar.
340$ for a double neck is a price so low that it's not a bargain, it's a theft because it will surely sound like crap.
A double neck guitar is very uncomfortable too, expecially if you're going to use it as main axe.

If you're really into 12-string guitars I'd suggest you to save money and get one later.
nail or glue two of your guitars together. Much cheaper. Glue and Nails are just a couple bucks.
I wouldn't by it. Sure it looks nice but it might not play well. Also I bought a Les Paul Copy a few years ago and when I first bought it it played real nice but over the next few months it started to fall apart on me.
Quote by toothless tim
nail or glue two of your guitars together. Much cheaper. Glue and Nails are just a couple bucks.

I would stay far, far away from that.
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it may seem cool to play a double neck guitar, but go actually play one. have fun trying to find one though... there's a reason most companies dont bother, and most stores dont want to stock them...

they are incredibly uncomfortable to play, really award, heavy, MASSIVE, and its sort of the worst of both worlds.

you're MUCH better off buying a cheap 12 string and a cheap 6 string individually.
Double neck 12/6 string guitars really aren't very practical. They're heavy and bulky and you aren't going to need the 12 string THAT much. Instead, get an acoustic or acoustic-electric 12 string and just put it on a guitar stand to play it for your 12 string passages on stage.
Double-necks ain't that bad, but I wouldn't think of buying the one in the OP. It looks like a home-build copy of a 70s Ibby 6/12, and those weren't all that great to begin with.
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Looks pretty. A bit expensive for a decoration around the home.

Bet it sounds like two kittens in a pillowcase being beaten with a stoat. Stay far far away.
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Save your money unless you're a professional playing in front of a huge crowd trying to impress people.
Don't go for a double neck under £1000 really. They're not gunna be that good. A double neck that costs £800 is probably on the same standard as an Epiphone Les Paul.