Hey guys so I have a 2001 gibson lp classic, with a 496r in the neck and a 500t in the bridge. Recently i joined a metalcore band (i normally play pop punk stuff along the lines of old saves the day) and had it setup for standard d and drop c tuning. I've been using the guitar in this tuning with d'addario xl .11-49's for the past few months.

Recently however, I tuned my guitar back up to standard and noticed that to my ears, the guitar sounded SO much better, so much so that i am beginning to think that I should get it set up for standard tuning again. However, that costs about 50 bucks at my nearest guitar center, and I don't have the money for that right now. So my question is, is it really necessary to get my neck "re-set up" for standard tuning/drop d, or could I just start using standard gauge strings as opposed to the heavier ones and not have it affect my neck in a negative way?

If doing this affects my neck negatively/ can cause problems in the future, please let me know. i dropped 1500 on this guitar and intend to keep it for a long time

thanks y'all
ran into a prob today. got the new strings, and accidentally adjusted the height of the bridge and now i don't really remember how high or how low it was before. how do i know what the height should be?
String height is personal preference. Most people like it as low as it will go without buzzing on the frets. You will need to adjust your intonation once you get your string height sorted out.

I think I saw a guitar set up thread stickied on this site somewhere. It will give you a rough guide to string height.