Hey guys.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Hohner (NOT Hofner) guitars. On our local Gumtree site there's this Hohner Viper ST electric guitar (appears to be a 1990s model) that I always see advertised and doesn't appear to be selling . I tried a Google search and discovered that they are mostly known for their harmonicas and accordions, but found no useful/reliable info on what their electric guitars are like (still looking). Of course I will have no idea what this particular guitar is like unless I play it (if I intend to buy it lol), but does anyone have any knowledge as to what sort of name Hohner have made for themselves by the way of guitars? I'm curious.

Ever hear of a legend from Minnesota called Prince? The guy merely sold more records than most anyone on Earth, and is labelled by those who know as one of our great guitarists. (When George Harrison was inducted into the Hall Of Fame, with all those brilliant guitar players present guess who was chosen to play the lead on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"?) Prince is a top musician and he has been playing one brand of guitar as his main guitar for three decades now. Yup, it's a Hohner.

If a Hohner is good enough for one of the most meticulous musicians to ever play guitar, it probably is good enough for you.

Prince doesn't play a Honer. He plays a 1970s Japanese copy of a Telecaster made by H.S. Anderson. The company that made those guitars later sold out to Honer. Honer guitars have steadily declined in quality in the decades since and have been pretty hit or miss. These days Honer makes few electrics and few dealers sell them. Prince's Anderson is not an average Anderson; it's more of a fluke that Anderson turned out what one of Prince's guitar tech's described as being along the lines of the greatest guitars ever made. Other than Prince fans there aren't many people clamoring for old Honer/Anderson models.

So the guitar may or may not be any good. It's a 1990s Honer; probably not a great guitar and probably not a bad one. Lowball the seller.