I've been playing guitar for almost two years now and I wrote this song about three months ago. First song I've ever written and I was wondering if it's any good and if I could get some constructive criticism so that I can improve my writing skills. Thanks.
Song 1.gp5
On account of it's your first song, I'll go a little easy. A lot of it in the beginning feels like just scale runs, exercises, warmup licks, etc. rather than music. Once you get into the Pre-Chorus, though it starts to feel more like music.

The solos will get better with time. Try not to repeat licks so much. A little is okay, and can very often enhance a solo, but for a sixteen bar solo, playing 1-bar licks 4 times, then doing the same with another lick is just boring. Don't be discouraged, we've all been there before, too, and I recognize how tedious Guitar Pro can be.

Keep at it, you'll get better with time. As you continue to write and learn music, start experimenting with odd ideas, because the last thing you want as a songwriter, and as an artist, is to write songs that have essentially been written before. With your first forays into songwriting, for sure, stick to things you know well, and hone your skills there. This place is great for improving your writing, just be ready for some criticism.

Hope I was more helpful than harmful.

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I still can't listen to the ****ing thing.What do I use to open the file
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We use a program called Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro 6 is the one currently being sold, but most of us on this forum use a pirated version of Guitar Pro 5, 1. since I don't think you can buy it anymore, and 2, because we don't want to shell out the money for GP6.

If you have something against pirating, there's also a freeware program called TuxGuitar that opens GP files, but things get wonky when you go between the two frequently.