hey guys, i tired this amp out yesterday, found it to be awesome sounding, didnt have much time to play with the settings though, would i be able to get metallica, and megadeth style tones out of this, or anything heavuer with a good play , i also have the kfk 10 band mxr eq.

its either this or a bugera 333xl, and as they are out of stock mtill september, my financial dept has told me to pick something else.

we play classic rock and classic metal, when im playing on my own at home i like to play some heavier stuff. not really any brootz though.

what say you collective mind of the GG&A forum
I think you can get Metallica-esque tones from it, I don't really play that heavy personally but have just ordered the HT100 head (exactly the same as the HT60 Combo) and the reason I bought it is because it is able go heavier than I need (GnR, Van Halen) just incase I ever decide to go heavier, which I think would probably land it in Metallica territory. Also I imagine the Blackstar would be more reliable than the Bugera but I'm just basing that on rep.
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