Hi all,

I have this other Electronic Drumkit thats been beat to hell and wasnt that good to begin with so ive kindoff given up on it but my arms are itching to play some drums again so i thought lets get a new Drumkit.

Now i know my way around the kit quite well, though i doubt im much better than the average beginner. so i want a Good electronic Drum kit so i can put it in my room and not freak my parents out with the sound of an aucoustic one. i also dont want it to break anytime soon. my Budget will be around 500 Euro's

Thanks in Advance
I have Roland HD 1 lite drums. They have 3 tom pads, one snare, two cymbals and hi hat. They don't have a real bass pedal so that sucks, they have two pedals that try to emulate the feel of real bass pedal because there's no bass drum pads. But the HD 1 costs about 500 euros. I'm not a real drummer, I just play them for fun and sometimes record with them. I think Roland is pretty good brand but it might be pretty expensive, too. I've seen e-drums with better features in the same price range but I don't know how they will last. But the Roland is "quite playable" and you can trust on it.
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Roland is THE TOP of the line in e-drums. I have a Roland TD-4K and it's out-of-control bitchin'. I got mine for $900 (USD). You should check out Alesis brand kits also. In my experience, they're very good for the money, and they tend to be cheaper than Roland. Look into the Alesis DM-8. Yamaha is also a good brand. Avoid Simmons at all costs.
Alright thanks for the Replys, been looking at the Alesis alot so ill check them out at a music store or something.

Thanks again