Would getting closed-face pickup covers make any difference at all to sound? E.g. weakening output? I only ask as I figure they put holes in em for a reason. The pickups in question are humbuckers.
No. Its the same
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no its not.

today these covers are mostly made of "new-silver" (thats what its called in germany...) but if they aren't they do effect the highs a lot
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No. Its the same

This. More or less
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Metal covers can reduce some of the high end and output a little. It's not a big affect however.

So it depends on how good your ear is/how big of a tone snob you are
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It's like the difference between nitro and poly finishes.

Some people fuss over tiny inconsequential apparent differences in tone that hardly exist at all and the rest of us don't give a fuck.

For what it's worth, no.

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