I hope this isn't the wrong section for this kind of thread...

Ok, I'm in a pop/rock trio (think the Kinks meet Beach Boys) and I'm the guitarist/singer and I happen to write all of our songs (not trying to brag here!). Anyway, we haven't had a release yet and we've been gigging for almost 6 months now and we feel like it's time to put some music out.

Actually, I've had no creative inspiration for it. Like, I know what sound we're going for (garage rock indie pop), but I don't have a direction in mind, you know? I've got some music references that I've been looking at, but I can't put a FEEL together and this is getting so ****ing annoying.

Long story short:
I've got severe creative block right now & I seriously need to write this EP because we don't have a lot of time to waste and honestly, I don't want to take a whole 3 months just to kick out 10-12 good songs. That would be lame Lol

Pleeeease, any help/tips?
It's an EP, you don't really need 12 songs.

To me it helps to think at how I want the demo/album/EP/LP to be constructered: if it's gonna be for example 6 songs long, I'll need these songs:

Tracks 1+2 have to be catchy and uptempo, because I need to make a good impression on whoever listen to my work
Track 3 can be quieter than the first two
Tracks 4+5 they are important because they need to confirm what the listener has already heard. If track 3 is quiet, track 4 will be a crescendo, and track 5 is used to continue on this path
Track 6 it's your jolly card, to me it's the one you use to put something different from the first tracks, maybe to emphasize on an aspect of your music that need more attention

Thinking in this way works from me because it sets you in a achievable objectives point of view rather than sit down and "WRITE THE BEST EP EVER TROLOLOLOLO"
Listen to a lot of other music, including new bands you never heard of. You are bound to get inspired. One big mistake some people make is that when they are trying to make new music, they don't want the song to sound too much like Song X. DON'T DO THAT. If a song inspires you to make a song similar to it, go for it. In reality, you're the only one that can tell it sounds similar to Song X because Song X inspired you to write it. Try combining inspirations, too.
I'm sorry, I was thinking about something non-related....I meant album NOT ep.
I'd aim for an EP first dude. Most bands will be together for 1 year+ before even considering releasing an EP. Leave time for the songs to come along naturally or they'll just sound like filler. Better to have a product with 5 good songs than 5 good ones and 7 meh ones.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
If you're the only one writing the songs, and you're having a creative block, couldn't you ask your bandmates for input? Even if it's not a whole lot, maybe just a part of a song, one of them might have something to contribute that you could build off of.

And yeah, an EP would probably be the best thing to do for your first release. Most of the bands from my area start off by releasing EPs/demos and only put 2 to 5 of their best songs on them.
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You've been gigging for 6 months. So you'll have a set, I presume. So you can't be far off having an albums worth of material.

If he hasn't got enough original material for a 4-6 track EP, then they're probably playing mostly covers.

3 months to write a full album is ridiculous. My band formed 6 months ago, and we've only just finished writing tracks for a 6-track EP. Learn some patience and give yourself some more time to get this thing finished. Oh, and maybe ask the rest of your band to have some sort of creative input, at least while you're going through a block.