I know this has probably been asked a billion times but does anyone have any suggestions of songs that don't require any (or at the most, very little) backing? I'm sort of getting into a more acoustic style of playing because for some reason I can barely use a pick any more, and I think it's more interesting. I don't care what genre, but it's not allowed to be too repetitive, too rhythmic based, under two minutes or over five minutes (apparently).
Sorry if this post is stupid. Thanks in advance.
Also it's for exams, which is why it has all those restrictions.
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Just search for the song title on youtube and then put "fingerstyle arrangement" afterwards. If it's a well known tune it you will find covers of it.

Lets say you want to find a solo version of U2's classic With or Without You, just search for it and there will be covers. Here's one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQagK7mA0Aw

The whole point with fingerstyle guitar arrangements is to with your fingers play as many parts of the piece as possible to make it sound like it's a whole band playing when it actually only is one person with one guitar.
Yeah, problem is I can't actually think of anything I'd like to play. But I appreciate the answers anyway, thanks =]
pick your most favoriteeee song ever, and make it acoustic, its possible, itll just take some work!get creative, change the tempo, change the order, change how its sung. make it your own if you have to!
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