Finished this one off today. No vox yet and I need to tighten up the solo's but I'm mainly looking for feedback on 2:44 onwards as I'm not sure if it fits too well...


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Btw, no idea on what genre it'd sit best under haha!
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Hey mate, sorry for the late response but thanks for the crit on my song! Critting whilst i listen right now, so far I'm quite enjoying the warm tones of all the instruments, gives it even more of a relaxed feel with the composition. Since you want advice from 2:44 onwards, I would say that was a pretty solid and bold transition, kind of like what Radiohead does sometimes. It flows into it nicely, and it still stays together nicely, however I think you shouldn't of returned to your original theme, instead kept going to the one you transitioned into, and kept that going until the end of the song. Apart from that, nice work on this track!
That's actually a great idea, I might have a fiddle around and see where I can go if I keep going with that bridge. Cheers mate!
its not to bad, guitars sound really nice, i like how its kind of more original and not so generic like stuff i hear now adays, my only complaint is tht the drus are really annoying, esp the hi hats. theyre panned so hard left and theyre very apparent in the mix. overall flow of the song works pretty good tho. as for 2:44. it was kinda cool but i feel like maybe ther should be some kinda transition or something to get into tht part otherwise it just feels like a whole new song started and confuses the listener. i dont think going back to ur melody/theme was a bad idea tho, i actually liked tht, it reminded me tht it was still the same song. lol crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1460508
The transition is pretty good, though I think you should start the next part earlier, or else it would sound like two different songs. I liked the song generally, though I agree with TechIndustrial, maybe you shouldn't have gone back into the original theme. Instead, I think you should make the first part slightly longer, including a few guitar-licks and what have you.

Definitely worth a couple of listens! Looking forward to the finished version


- Huliheaden