This has mostly been a pain for me for the past 4 years. When I first started getting serious into playing, I went down to our local music store and bought a Epiphone LP. After purchase and weeks later I didn't realize what I bought was a B-Stock, because I bought it for over $600. Well a couple weeks later, the neck broke. Took it in, but they said they would charge about $300 to fix. So I took it to a shop I heard about 40 miles away. Dropped it off and they fixed it no questions asked a week later for $150. Played it for another couple of weeks. Neck broke again, took it back to my friend's shop, and he said the epoxy didn't set in and would get it fixed for another $150, so I was already forked up alot of cash to play it, so why not.

Guess what, a month later it happend again. This time he said he would do it for free and try to put a bolt-on and said they would get it fixed a.s.a.p. Tried contacting him for months, and finally got ahold of him. Well a year later I finally got it back. Turns out it was done a week after they took it in, and he lost it, and forgot about it. Picked it up this morning, and no bolt-on. Gave him a call and said, "He just reset it and re-epoxied it, there isn't a bolt-on?" He said that since it was a B-Stock the wood was junk, if it happens again to just scrap it. Sucks since I spent all that money, which should of researched it, because I think you can pick them up for around $300, also dropped a set of Seymour JBs in it.

So basically count my loss if it does it agian? Learned my lesson, research before you buy.
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So what exactly is the point of this post? :I

Should've just bought a Gibson?
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Well, that sucks. You live and learn, but now you need a new guitar. Any idea what you will get?
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Should've just bought a Gibson?

it sounds more like a crappy repair/repair shop to me.

epi's don't really break any more than gibbies i don't think. could be way off but.
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So what exactly is the point of this post? :I

Sorry left a piece out.

So after looking it over today more throughly and playing it. It just looked like he epoxied it and called it good. Didn't smooth the seam over or anything, feels like it's about ready to snap again, and won't keep tune.

He said, he couldn't put a bolt-on to it, because of the sh**ty wood on the B-Stock. Is he right? Or is he just full of it, because he is tired of fixing it, and is why he did a terrible job fixing it for the 3rd time and doesn't want to do anything else with it? What can I do to salvage this, besides stripping the parts off of it and making it wall art, or lighting it on fire?