I'm a 16 year old guitarist from Norway! :-)
I have composed 5 songs , check them out!

Christoffer Brandsborg's Youtube-Channel

My newest song is called "Hope", it's in FACFCF tuning!

Link to the song:

Hope "Original" - Christoffer Brandsborg

"Like" my facebook page if you like my music!

Link to my facebook page:

Christoffer Brandsborg's Official Facebook Page

Download my music in MP3 here:

Download Christoffer Brandsborg's music


- Christoffer Brandsborg
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wow your really good, I wish I could get people like you to upload your videos on the goodriff website.

Thank you! Means a lot!
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I subscribed.

Great!! I want to get more subscribers, so that means everything to me! If you have some guitar friends, show my channel to them?


- Christoffer Brandsborg