i bought a Hamer Sunburst a month ago and im loving it. Anyone have any Hamers?
My very first guitar was a Slammer series Centaura by Hamer. Awesome blue/green colour with a licensed floyd rose and 24 frets. I lost it due to a house fire about 2 years ago but it treated me so well for the 4+ years I had it, never had a problem with it and I am still impressed to this day with how well it played for an entry level guitar. Hamer is amazing at giving you more than you pay for.
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nice! this is my 5th out of 6 guitars! my first 3 were starter guitars like fake strat. ibanez and epipy g400. then i bought a fernandes native off my guitar teacher and i traded my epiphone for his sunburst. now i got a washburn also
I got my first and only Hamer (so far) about a year and a half ago as part of a trade. Love the sounds from the P90 pickups. I'm not a trem guy, so the Bigsby is kinda just there. Hamer build quality is way up there if you ask me.

Hamer Monaco III

If you care to hear a sound byte, here ya go. Sadly I didn't take the time to adjust the pickups to show the different sounds you can get. Just some hack playing with a first and only cut. Warning: It's the blues so enter at your own risk - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdwfr4uw0g0

EDIT: Any pics of yours?
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Had a US Diablo up until last year. Hamer made first rate guitars (the US ones at least) and it's a shame they are pretty much no more.
the guitarist in my band has a Slammer by Hamer guitar.

I have no idea what it is it has 24 frets and three extra frets on the high E string. A slanted single coil in the neck and a Humbucker in the bridge and a Licensed Floyd. I'm not a fan of Floyds but that one is nice and the HS config is fun to play with.
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