Hey all. I am trying to tab out this song, it's called "falling down" by Jay Nash. I am having trouble figuring out the chords. The video's I can find aren't great, but here's the best one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UBp93wfbDQ It looks like an F# that he's sliding from 9, to 5, to 7. When he comes back to 9 he plays the pattern twice, but might switch up the finger placement from the first time to the second. The bridge looks like he drops his fingers all down one string. If someone can just let me know what they think the chords might be, I can mess around and figure out the rest. Any help would be great!!
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A, B, C#m7 ...I played this along with the song and it works for me... I also played these chords as straight chords (no barred) and it sounds correct..... Try these and I think you will see they work... Sometimes trying to figure out wht the guy is playing from a video can be deceiving......
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Thanks guys! Definitely sounds right on. That Dbm7 is a toughie though! Gotta keep practicing that transition.
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So Jay actually emailed me back. C#m7 (9th fret) A (5th fret) B (7th fret) for the riff. Then the Bridge goes E (7th fret) B (7th) A (5th) G# (4th) F# (2nd) E (7th) B (7th) A (5th) then back to the main riff. he leaves the high e and b strings open on ever note and drones them through out the song. I might actually make a tab out for this. The picking and timing is the hardest part.
You really should tab it out! I'm in love with this song! Don't even know all the lyrics.