Imagine there is a human society somewhere that is reclusive. They live in a self sustaining biosphere that is sealed off from the outside world. They live in total harmony with themselves and their environment. The reason they live in total harmony is because everyone living in the biosphere is genetically engineered to fit their role in that society. Any offspring is screened soon after it is conceived to make sure there are no flaws that can't be corrected that could upset the balance of their environment. If there is one, it is aborted. If it passes, the genetic makeup is changed to fit whatever role is decided for it. The person is born having the best disposition for their role and is perfectly content with having it's life planned out for him.

They have been living this way for a few centuries. They have been cut off from the outside world the entire time. They are essentially a sovereign state. They have no knowledge of the outside world. But a time comes when outsiders end have having to come in. The reason they come in is not important, but what is important is that a sizable portion of the population wants to leave after having this contact with outsiders.

The dilemma is that the people have a right to leave if they want to, but if they do, because so many want to leave, there will be irreparable damage done to the balance of the gene pool and the environment, eventually destroying it, forcing everyone to leave.

Which option is better:

Letting the people leave of their own accord and compromise the entire environment


Saving the integrity of the environment and forcing people to stay?

I must confess, this is from a Star Trek: TNG episode.

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I'd imagine that if they've lived like that for such a long time I can't quite get why anyone would want to leave actually, it sounds like they'd have no free-will whatsoever. Other than that, why are we letting people in from a good place, meaning that they aren't refugees, while we're still kicking real refugees and 3rd world people back to their shitholes. Fix our own world first, they've been in there succesfully for centuries and not slightly without force, they can wait a little longer.
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Gattaca + Bio-Dome = this episode of TNG....

Free will wins, if they want to leave they can, if you force them to stay you get a coup.... IMO..
I would've thought you read "The Giver."
If you want details, read that book.


They say when they finally attack, all the impostors will peel themselves. In order to tell if you have been assimilated, check for a zipper somewhere near your pelvis.

sounds like the book "The Giver"
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Even if they do want to leave but then are forced to stay, the damage is done.


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What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
This sounds petty but you should make it sound as though the reader is a part of the hypothetical society otherwise it's pretty much a moot point. From my perspective, i couldn't care less about preserving these people's perfect world.