I wrote this song for a park ranger I met on Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. She was exceptionally beautiful. Please keep in mind that this is satire! Don't take it seriously, please! Chords are G and Cadd9

"For Park Ranger Laura"

I'm on vacation in,
Empire Michigan,
Went to this murder mystery.
That's when I first saw you,
And that's when I knew,
You could range my park anytime

Those sexy pigtails,
Seductive green uniform,
And don't forget that sexy hat.
The way that you walk now,
The way that you talk now,
Makes me forget that I hate ginger kids.

Later I saw you,
For a boat rescue,
Re-enactment, so I signed right up.
Volunteered my ass,
So I could make a pass,
And try to get in to those olive drab pants.

But that didn't happen,
You left again,
And left me here holding my head.
But I won't forget you,
And I would let you,
Save me from bears any time of the week.

(C) So you can (D) talk to me about (G) plants and animals,
(C) Max on (D) granola (G) until both of us are full,
(C) Let's go back (D) to the ranger (G) station,
(C) You know I'd (D) get with you, (G) in any situation!

Park ranger Laura,
You know that I'd bone ya. (x4)