Nicely done! Music great, lighting great, nice vocals, solo was excellent. It would of been great if you had someone actually move the camera around the stage and cut between this view from afar and on stage. But it's already really great as is.

I also posted this on your youtube page (it's pending ur approval).

Thanks Mombogumbo for the kind words!

The person who helped with the video-ing was actually doing us a favor in addition to coming to our gig, so it didn't feel right to ask for more.

I'm unable to access your new music video... Youtube says that it is blocked in my country due to copyright.
Stage presence eh, yeah well, we got quite a bit of problem with that.
Personally i find it difficult to move around while playing (damn i hate multi-tasking), and headbanging makes me dizzy.

Thanks for all the comments, we now know what needs to be worked on most!