okay, i went to pick up my bass yesterday and the little peg thing on the bottom that's held in by a screw to hold my strap fell out. i assumed it just needed to be screwed back in but i think the wood it striped or something because when i screw it back in, it just falls out again. what do i do about this? get a bigger screw? some wood glue?
Believe it or not; just stick a few toothpicks in it and it'll stay. If it happens again, use a slightly larger screw.
As everyone already said, toothpicks.

It happened on my brother's Precision bass, and we just partially filled the hole with bits of toothpicks, then some glue, and then we screwed the strap button back in.

Wait for everything to dry, and it'll be good as new.
The glue and toothpick bits mixture will fill the hole and solidify around the screw, holding it firmly into place.
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