Hey guys,

Check out my band, Stone Rabbits! We are a group of 5, lead guitar(me), rhythm guitar/vocals, keys, drums, and bass. We are from Covington, Louisiana and have been together for about 3 years now. Me and my drummer are still in highschool, while the three others are going to be freshman in college this year. Weve got two recent songs on our facebook page, myspace page, and reverbnation. We are in the process of recording our 3rd album right now and the two songs you can hear will be on it. I guess we call our selves a classic rock band with a modern vibe. We have been moving towards being a more riff-based, progressive type band in the past year or so. Listen to Discipline and Hide Yourself and tell me what you think! Our previous two albums are on iTunes if you want to check that out too.

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Wow, you guys have some really great tunes! Very original in a time when everything sounds the same. Let me know when you guys get done recording - I want a copy!

I see bits of Umphrey's McGee, the Dead, Floyd, and a little Allman Bros.

Keep it up!