Hey! so me and a buddy from work are gonna have like a lil acoustic guitar battle.. lol for now we're making a list of songs in which we will cover to determine who shall be deemed winner of this epic battle. each of us is to choose a short list of songs to play and to be honest i dont know many challenging acoustic songs. My main focus is electric but ive agreed to stay on strict acoustic terms for now and my only 2 songs i have in mind so far are Drifting (or Rylynn) by Andy Mckee and Neon by John Mayer. Hit me up with songs you think would be challenging and fun to play on an acoustic guitar, finger-style, or w/e.
Classical Gas.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect


and that^ is a great song, samick007!
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Rodrigo y Gabriela - hanuman

Even better, it's a duet.
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do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
john mayer - in your atmosphere
john mayer - neon
eric clapton - tears in heaven (while not the most impossible song on earth, it'll get you many + votes with the audience)
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Ha sweet wasnt expecting responses so soon but pretty good suggestions im really likin the sound of Classical Gas and Ocean for now, will deff look into doin the other songs as well possibly. Again thanks for the responses, i appreciate it!
John Martyn.

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Woke Up Dreaming-Joe Bonamassa
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still hearing great suggestions thanks guys! and if a song doesnt have a tab im sure i could figure it out so that shouldnt be to huge of an issue.. hopefully haha
I like the intro to Crazy On You by Heart... you may or may not find it challenging though.
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