yup. you heard right. im looking to start an online project with a bassist, and frontman and a real drummer if possible.

i play guitar. i dont NEED another guitarist, i dont mind playing both parts, but another guitarist isnt out of the question, and i have EZDrummer, so i can live with what i have been using.

hell, now that i think about it, i may still be doing most of the work!!! oh well. its fun.

im looking for something in the hard rock vein. riff oriented with big choruses. dramatics and dynamics here there and everywhere!

it wont be a "lets pump out a demo evey week" sort of thing, but if we could churn out 2 or 3 quality songs a month, that would be awesome.

have decent recording gear, and file sharing capability. (email, facebook IM or yahoo IM will work just fine for that.)
I can play drums, guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, etc... I have a Protools studio in my front bedroom, so i can reocrd everything. Hit me up with an email at: tylerjenns1@yahoo.com.
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i think it would be awesome for me to join you. i play bass and im learning 6 string electric. Luejay10@yahoo.com P.S. i just made a guitar that is a 4/6 string double neck so i will be able to play both.
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I would love to help in any way possible! I have some good recording software and a know a drummer who owns some e-drums and would be willing to help us out. I can play guitar and add synths and effects as well as mix and master the tracks. If I could still be of assistance, contact me at Vitalbite0017@gmail.com.