Up for trade or sale is an Epiphone Wine Red Les Paul Custom. Pretty much brand new. Comes with a hard case, solid design. None of the gold hardware has tarnished, no strap rub, pretty much perfect its a very nice guitar to play, but since I modified one of my other Les Pauls, I just don't play it anymore.

Make me some offers guys
Pics? Location?
Bass Gear:

Mensinger: Speesy
Fender Precision 1989 (CIJ Rosewood)
Fender Steve Harris (CIJ)
Lakland J Sonic 5
Epiphone Explorer
Maruszczyk (custom) Jake

Ashdown CTM 100
Oh yeah sorry. I'll get pics up tomorrow. I'm in Gloucestershire, and got my driving test on thursday 21st July, so if I pass that, I will be willing to drive maybe 60-70 miles away to deliver if someone wants it
Hey, I'm pretty interested in this, and conveniently enough I'm in Gloucestershire myself. I second the pics request.
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Would 300 be acceptable? It's hard to find a store price cause it's been discontinued but the one place I did find had it for 350 new.
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Cheltenham, you'll have to give me a few days to get the money though, people owe me a couple of hundred
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Ok yeah sure. I'll get the bus over to ya. Message me when ya get theminey and I'll pop over