Hi there!

I recently played at a small private gig, with a couple of other bands. Well, I was a one-man act.. But still.

Anyway, while this isn't my favorite song of the four I played, I think it is the one which turned out the best.

I'd love some tips on falsetto, as this is the first time I've ever used falsetto in one of my songs, which you can probably hear.

Anyway here it is:


Audio only (Also audio files of the three other songs from the performance)

Thanks, and remember to post your songs so I can crit-back!

- Huliheaden
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I thought it was good! I'm not exactly an acoustic lover but your chord progression and whatnot are great. I like your whispy voice, If you want to improve on anything, maybe strength in your voice? But as I've learned, there's no right way to write or perform music. It's your own personal expression, so I give you my personal graces and an A-OK!
Fair enough.
LOL loved how you quietened down the clapping
the chord progression was really good- reminded me of something like radiohead- not too straightforward, but still really catchy.
really emotional performance- you looked really into it and dedicated. this song's probably gonna be in my head for a few hours haha. nice job.

I liked most of it. Some parts of the chord progression felt a bit off for me, altough it may be because of the recording quality...

The only recommendation I can think for your voice is try harder on the louder parts and the High notes your doing. Those parts just feel a bit weak..

nice voice though!
Thanks for the reviews! "Catch the Train": I can't sing & play at the same time unless I'm playing something super simple. Interesting how the guitar sounds like it's stereo, not sure if it's the difference between the acoustic guitar sound and the P.A. sound or ? The guitar melodies & vocal melodies are nice. The guitar playing and singing are also well done! American accent is good. Video quality is pretty good for a hand held camera. It's fun playing in front of an audience when things go well, yes? Your falsetto sounds fine to me (what you thought was a falsetto on my song was a sampled female Soprano on a synth plug-in). "Lost Words": guitar sounds very pleasant! Singing is good, vocal melody is quite good. On this recording, I can hear things a bit better (as opposed to the live video): though I think the falsetto turned out better on "Catch the Train". Either way, 2 nice songs!
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Sorry it took so long to reply, I've been pretty busy lately. This kind of has an Ok Computer era Radiohead feel to it. I really like your vocals they're very unique, they fit the style well too. I'd love to hear a better recorded version of this, its very good.