hello all, just a question on the digitech whammy. I just got one in the mail today and plugged it in and have enjoyed it so far, however something about it seems odd to me. When i turn it off and run it clean and check my tuning Im right on. Say I put the setting one one octave up in the whammy section, and turn the pedal on, but leave it up and NOT depressed. Yet when I do this my low E is already shifted up at least a semitone maybe more. I've checked with a tuner and I can't get an exact shift I think it may be up to an F.

now when I go to two octaves up and leave the pedal up NOT depressed I get a low E that is already at least an octave up, if not maybe a ninth up to F. When In both of these situations I do depress the pedal all the way I get a perfectly in tune E just whatever octave up, the same thing happens in reverse with the drop octaves. It just seems that when i bring the pedal back i can't get it all the way back to E nor do I ever start at E.

Is this normal? I've watched demos and this doesn't seem to happen just not quite for sure whats going on, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: I've pinpointed that on the one octave up without being depressed the low E sounds as an A, a fourth up, the next string

When on the two octave setting it sounds as an F a flat ninth up from low E. (an octave above the F adjacent to E)
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Sounds like you need to calibrate the pedal. Calibration Guide
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