After years of standard tuning i decided it was time to begin learning/writing songs in open tuning's like open C and open G minor and what have you.

Anyway, it was time for new strings and i went into the usual place and asked the slightly high looking chap what strings are best for the open tuning's which he replied "lights man, totally" So bought some martins lights (after using mediums for most of my guitar playing) and was off on my merry way.

A few hours after playing on these new lights a string broke and i raged out, went back again today and bought a new set.. played for a few hours and tuned back up to standard to put the guitar away and another string broke.

Does anyone have any advice? Should i go back up to mediums? or has my noobness regarding open tunings led me to overlook something?

I have read to expect more breakages but two in the space of 2 days is not normal?
Before hand i changed the mediums about once/twice a month and everything was beautiful.

Sorry about the convoluted post, might be slightly high myself.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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By own experience you almost only tune your strings down in pitch when you tune to alternate tunings. I use alternate tunings like DADGAD versions, open C versions and such pretty much when I play so I mainly use 12-56 Elixir Nanoweb strings. The good thing about Elixirs is that if they brake within a short amount of time whitout a reason you can just complain via their IRC kind of thing and they will send you new ones! And the thick strings doesn't buzz as much as other strings have done for me, so I'd say thick ones - but not too thick! 12-56 or 12-53 are perfect for me and my guitar
I play in open c a lot. I used Elixer nanoweb mediums (13-16) I have also used Elixer 12-56, light mediums I believe they are, with great results too.
Generally, the lower the tuning the heavier strings you'll want.
Try the Elixers! great strings
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If you've had two strings bring within such a short amount of time, you might want to look at the nut and the saddle on your guitar. There could be a sharp edge that the strings are rubbing against, causing them to break.

If after a thorough inspection you find that nothing is amiss it could be a matter of your playing style. You could be strumming harder than you realize, and the switch to lights may be whats making it noticable now. Pat Martino went through the same thing, so it's not a big deal if that is the case.

Also, if you tune down quite a bit, then tune back up to standard pitch... Then tune back down, then back up again... etc. You're going to find that strings break a lot sooner. Constantly stretching and loosening the string causes then metal to brend and rebend in the same places until eventually they snap. Again, I don't know if this is something that you're doing, but its another thing to watch out for.
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