Been thinking of getting a spiky metal guitar for awhile and saw this vid...whaddya think grail or fail?

ESP Random Star? Go for it.
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Not a fan myself. As far as guitars that kind of shape go, I like the Jackson Warrior.
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Hate it. But if you like it, do it. Personally I'd go for Jackson Warrior or an Ibanez Xiphos over that.
Wow that's really cool

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I was expecting some thing like a fugly Razorback, or BC Rich, or a Xiphos. I was pleasantly surprised.
I'd go for it if you like it. It's not that an extreme a shape, so I doubt you would grow out of it.
I'm more for V guitars, but man, that's a great looking axe. Go for it, if you really want it.
I've always wanted a Random Star guitar.

Hopefully Ibanez will make one with a Wizard II neck and the AANJ one day.


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It looks like a nice guitar, but damn that's a mighty tone Gus has

+1. I think its a very cool shape. And Gus is just a tone machine. Guitar to amp no nonsense right there.
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omg dont do it! he can hack your amp get the b00tiful t00b t0anz
I'm trying to get my hands on a guitar with that shape aswell.. If anyone has some suggestions except the Gus G sig let me know xD
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Damn, the tone on that video is awesome.
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I'm trying to get my hands on a guitar with that shape aswell.. If anyone has some suggestions except the Gus G sig let me know xD

ESP used to make a Roope Latvala signature model that had that shape. Though, it's still a sig model, and it only has one pick-up, and it's seems to have been discontinued. Might be able to find one on gumtree or ebay though.
I like it. Personally, I'd buy a more explorer shaped guitar though. How about a Jackson Kelly?

EDIT: I just watched that a little more. Now I want a Blackstar Series One. (and i just ordered a Jet City...)
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This is so an advertisement for Blackstar amps.

Plus, I wouldn't really say that's super metal or spiky. It's not a B.C. Rich or a Razorback. It's kinda hair metal-esque but it's actually pretty cool. I would probably get one. Maybe.
Thanks for the replies guys...it wasn't just the shape that I found appealing...as some have said the tone on that vid sounds massive. I've got a laney TT50 which has a pretty decent hi-gain sound and I reckon they'd get on well