Ok, can I say I can play Survive by Rise Against, even if I can I do everything but the bass solo at the end of the last chorus?
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"I can play this song"
"Even the solo at the end of the chorus?"

I hope this answers your question.

You can however say "I can almost play all of that song".
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you can say I can play the song, except for the bass solo at the end of the chorus.
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Well, if you cant play all the parts of the song you cant play the song, then you can play some parts of the song.
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well, if you can do something that sounds close enough for that part, yes, but failing to mention you don't do it the same as the original would make you seem worse than you are at bass.

I'd just try to learn it if I were you.
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you can say I can play the song, except for the bass solo at the end of the chorus.

Pretty much it lol

For me being able to play a song involves being able to perform it and have people happy with the performance and the playing.

Ie. If I wouldn't like to hear it on a recording back to myself or others... then I havn't got it down.
Lol this was a pretty funny thread... Hope you have learned your lesson about when you can say that you know how to play a song.