Lately I've been getting this really thin sounding tone. King of "trebbly" and just not that great for a large solo. I am running a stratocaster through a Vox Wah Straight into my Fender Super Champ XD. I messed with the setting and took treble off and put bass on, I've mixed both. I usually have some slight reverb but not too much. Any ideas?
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Pickups, you need humbuckers if you want a thicker tone from that amp...I find that amp rather trebly already, Fender single coils don't help it either.

Yep, single coils (particularly on the bridge) tend to sound really trebly.
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There are several things you can do. You can get thicker strings, maybe a stacked pick-up, a boost or comp pedal, maybe rolling off the tone knob a bit.
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if you're willing to go this route, a new speaker would make a world of difference in that amp. something darker sounding with a little more power handling capacity would certainly help. a celestion G10 vintage would be a perfect match. alot of guys don't realize how much better speakers can help.

otherwise, a compressor and a good boost/OD pedal should be the ticket