The piano riff is very good. The guitar gives it a very "crying" feel, but sometimes it sounds like it is slightly out of tune. I'm not into lo-fi, so I'm not sure if the vocals are supposed to not be heard. But I think it would be nice to make it easier to hear. Not too clear, it's nice to keep a little secret, it can just be too much, since it will make the song way too repetitive. I think Kid A - Radiohead shows quite nicely how much you should hide your voice. Maybe a tad more could work out though.

Great job overall!


- Huliheaden
With Lo-fi things like quality sound and perfection are thrown out. If you listen to musicians like John Frusciante, Beck, or early Modest Mouse you'll understand what I mean. It's easier when you don't have to focus on making it perfect for anybody but yourself lol

ALSO as per why my vocals are hard to hear, is cause I wanted to to make it seem more like an old TV sound... Also I hate my lyrics, so I prefer to use them in more of an instrumental way lol
Fair enough.
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woah that's really trippy LOL
especially the image in the youtube video- i was staring at it while the music was playing and i felt like i was dreaming haha.

nice concept you have there, and i especially loved the bass.
the fuzzy vocals add a really nice touch that adds to the lo-fi atmosphere.
overall nice and simple track.

check out mah jazz
Thanks for criticing my stuff..

YEah, sounds great. Piano riff sounded great throughout it and the guitar over the top sound so sweet. Good job on that! there is a few notes on your guitar that you could of added a bit more vibrato to or something... but sounded great!..

liked the voice, like the guy above says, maybe make it a tiny bit more clear, but not too much, it sounds really good already! just make it not sound so repetative by clearing it up a biit..
Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I'm not asking for your advice on fixing it, It's totally done and perfect lol I was just wondering what YOU guys thought (Good, bad, not for me, too lo-fi, not lo-fi enough) I'm fairly confident in my sound, so if you don't get it... Well that's the point of music lol
Fair enough.