Sup guys,

I wanted to drop in and drop a link to my new music video. It's not just shots of me playing the guitar, but something like a music video from the 90s (but more updated). I hope you enjoy it. I extended the solo in the beginning by 2. I'm sorry for the mistakes! Comment on youtube if you like! Like if you like! or dislike if you dislike lol


BTW can anyone point me in the right direction to tabs or even just artists who do instrumental covers for songs like "My heart will go on," "Can you feel the love tonight," "Apologize" (One Republic), etc.

I'm just trying to find appropriate music to play at a wedding, I'm personally not a fun of such music. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Thanks again
sorry for the double post, I haven't used this site in quite a while. Someone directed me to post it here so I did. Apologize.

Your video was great, very well played, it's soothing, chill, relaxed, I'm listening to this in the hot LA weather and I'm just dying for a cold beer now... Well done! I "youtube liked" your video.
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