Hey UG, I'm having a bit of trouble. In sense, I'm trying to write a song about Azrael, the Archangel of Death, but.. Well I'm having trouble. I've come up with what seems to be the chorus I guess, but I can't get much from here, any suggestions?

The Angel of Death.
Watching from the shadows,
Waiting for your final Breath.

The Keeper of Souls.
Always knows where you are,
Ready to take your soul.

The last part of the chorus, I just kinda through together after "The Keeper of Souls". I couldn't find a more fitting part, so I ended up rhyming Souls with Soul. ._.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
It doesnt fit the image of Azrael though, although he was deemed the "angel of death" he never actually killed anyone. All he did was take their soul from their body, and bring them to heaven. On seperate times of his own, he'd travel to hell to help the "damned souls" and try to bring them to heaven. Im not religious or anything, I just found the idea pretty neat.