i was using the regular 1/8 inch jack from my computer to my receiver via rca cables and a converter. i recently switched to a digital optical cord and now when i play there is a delay large enough to make playing really difficult. needless to say recording is also challenging. i have tried messing with all types of settings and still no go.

im using the onboard audio port on my computer and have my amp hooked up to the mic jack via an aux cables. im also using audacity to record.

there was never a problem when i was using the analog connection. this lag started after i switched to a digital optical cable, which in theory should transfer the audio data at a higher speed and should reduce audio lag, right?

thanks for any help.
after a bunch of research apparently windows 7 has latency issues and i need to have a usb adapter to solve this problem. can someone recommend me a fair priced one? i dont have too much money so something around $40 would be nice.
Come back when you have $100. You're gonna want at least a Pod Studio GX. Anything cheaper and ur wasting money
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