Hey guys, I have a question regarding practice. I hit my desired speed a while ago, and I want to sort of maintain that speed, but I find it so easy to practice with the metronome at said speed that I have trouble because my hand feels so loose and relaxed. Is this normal?
If you're being honest, and at your desired speed you can play easily with relaxed muscles then if you just keep playing the guitar regularly you should keep this speed. I'd recommend still practicing slowly though, so you can increase your technique (accuracy, precision, relaxation and of course you'll increase your max speed) and have more of a "comfort zone" of speeds that are no effort to play at.
Mainly in general. I play mostly classic rock/blues influenced stuff, so I stopped increasing the metronome at about 150 bpm sixteenths, which is plenty fast. The "problem" if it may be called one, just seems kind of strange. I can easily play things at 150 bpm sixteenths, but with the metronome clicking, it feels so slow and easy that I have a hard time just doing exercises and whatever, because my hand naturally feels so relaxed
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bump it up higher, to around 180bpm 16ths if you can/have enough patience/ want to, then EVERYTHING at 150bpm will seem slow, doesnt matter if its song or exercise.Achieving this state of effortless playing really pays off
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I'm seriously considering it. The problem mainly lies in that I think I have to adjust how quickly my hand is moving, because it naturally wants to go faster now, and it's actually causing me to **** up some exercises
i recommend playing even faster (the reason why david gilmour's solos are so damn smooth is because he learned them way faster then he normally plays them, the result is über control and super smooth play) to around 180, like some other dude told you.

The reason why you f*ck up your simple exercises is because you (or your hands) are f*cking bored, as a result your concentration is completely gone (you probebly think about all sorts of things when doing your exercises) so you f*ck up.
You can battle this by not playing exercises but jam around at that speed, write some stuff or play songs at that speed so you will enjoy your playing and you will get sucked into the vibe we call music.