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They introduce you to your first tastes when you're a kid, so yes, mine are.

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I guess my parents had some sort of influence.
Then again, the music is just so damn good compared to the whatever is on the popular tv/radio stations today.
Yeah. In my house, it was classic 60's and 70's classic/hard rock and early metal. Up until I was about 14, that's exclusively what I listened to.
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i got into beefheart, tom waits, miles davis, neil young and david bowie from my dads album collection when i was a kid and a whole bunch of reggae and dub from my mum.
bout the only thing my dad was good for was his album collection really. tons of good shit that i could just trawl through cause i didnt have enough lego to play with
I used to only listen to what they like (and beleive everything they do ). Now they have almost no influence on my music taste.

There are a few artists that my parents like that I also like though.
Nope, my dad listens to completely different stuff. The internet shaped my music taste.
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my mom likes Greek music (we're Greek) so no. my dad likes older rock (think Rush, Zepplin, Sabbath) and some more modern stuff (that introduced him to) so i guess he did have some influence in that i was brought up around rock music.

99% of the music i listen to though is stuff i decided to listen to on my own or through my friends, not my parents. i don't listen to much classic rock, but it just so happens that Rush is my favorite band as well as my dad's. he showed them to me when i was 13, but i didn't really start listening to them until way after the fact.
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My dad only listens to old bubble gum pop and my mom likes the kind of "classic rock" that doesn't involve solos or distortion (Springsteen, etc) and Jimmy Buffet. So not at all.
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My dad, yeah. He's a classical musician, so I picked a lot of that up from him. My mom, however...
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Yes. My dad got me listening to metal from a young age, and my Mum was always playing lots of reggae, jazz and blues.
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Joy Division, Smiths, Jimi, Stone Roses, The Specials, Beautiful South, all the classics I attribute to my dad.
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Nope. My parents didn't listen to much music. And what they did listen to was more akin to elevator music.
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I wouldn't say they exactly influenced what I listen too. The listed to 80's and I'll admit I like a lot of what they listened too, but I would say what I listen to mostly is way different. Actually, I'd say my brother influenced me more.
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I don't know my dad, and my mom listens to radio pop (and actually believes it's good music.)

So no. Not at all.
A small bit, my mom only listens to Country, pop, and 80s rock. My dad listened to old school metal and hard rock bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. I got Black Sabbath and 80s rock from them.
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My first experiences with music came from my dads old records, so thats where it started.
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My dad only listens to old bubble gum pop and my mom likes the kind of "classic rock" that doesn't involve solos or distortion (Springsteen, etc) and Jimmy Buffet. So not at all.

Fuck you Jimmy Buffet! You suck!

Strange fact, that part was literally just on telly 10 seconds ago.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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Now no, but there are a few people I still listen to that I heard from them
Yup. Parents only listened to classic rock when I was a kid. I still do, but I listen to a lot harder stuff now too.
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Not at all. Case in point, my mom likes mostly the older rock stuff and some newer alt, my dad loves 70s soft rock. I like death metal.
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Thanks to my parents i have a strong addiction to Garth Brooks and Styx
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No. Most, if not all, of the bands I listen to now were found by discovery and acquired taste.
My dad listens to country and classic rock and my mom likes alternative rock, so my tastes are obviously more influenced by my mom, but the first rock band I really got into was Rush, thanks to my dad. Still my absolute favorite band, even though I don't listen to them as much as I used to.

tl;dr: Yes.
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My parents: some classic rock, older country, CCM
Me: some CCM, black metal, power metal, deathcore...nope
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At first yeah, but I branched off later. I still like and regularly listen to bands my mom and dad likes, like The Allman Brothers Band and The Beatles, but I also like Classical, IDM and Modern Rock.
nope. i appreciate both kinds of music. country and western.
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nope. i appreciate both kinds of music. country and western.


Yeah, I'd say so. My dad got me started on playing guitar, taught me the basics. The first music I really got into was the stuff he listened to a lot (60s and 70s classic rock, blues, classic country & bluegrass etc), but since then I've expanded to other genres like metal as well.
No. My Brother is who got me into most of the music I listen to.

Back in the 90's he was replacing his tapes with CD's and would give me a tape each time I went to his place. Got me a nice wooden tape holder/storage thing as well. He gave me everything from the dookie tape, Pantera, Skid Row, Tesla, etc. Some stuff he would not give me though, because it had too much swearing (I was only a kid) Also gave me my frist CD, which was Black Sabbath - Master of reality.

EDIT: I can also add that my Mom is a huge fan of Jazz and classical. which I do like. My Dad just listens to anything he thinks sounds bad ass. Then he replays the song 12 times in a row
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My parents were both Classic Rock junkies and my mum listened to stuff like Megadeth and Slayer, now I'm a person who's musical tastes are frozen in 1986.
Most definitely not. I hate all of their favorite music haha.
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Definitely. I like a lot of stuff that my dad doesn't, but he's showed me some cool music over the years.
When I was younger, I'd only listen to music they hated. So yes, in that sense.

As far as my tastes now, not in a long shot.
Yes. Definitely. Yes.
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