I've made the decision to buy an ibanez sgt120, natural color, as my new acoustic and a snark clip-on tuner because I've been practicing out of tune for too long. For the tuner I'm just looking for something simple but accurate. and that it has all that drop d and what not tuning capabilities.

I haven't purchased either yet
So if anybody who owns either the guitar or the tuner has any suggestions or reviews that'd be great.
I have the tuner and its well worth the money. It gets spot on. You won't regret it at all.

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The Snark tuner is excellent, I got mine as a gift and liked it so much I bought several and gave them to my guitar playing friends.

Highly recommended.
Oh and one more question there's an all instrument snark and just a bass and guitar one. So I'm thinking of getting a ukelele for fun so I'm guessing I should get the all instrument one right?