I ask this because my mesa cabinet is supoosedly from the 90s and im curiosu if i can get anymore info on it
Most products have serial numbers on it. Look on the jack plate where the 1/4 is and maybe it will be there. If not it could be somewhere on the inside.
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If it's that old, there's a really good chance that it's simply been removed somehow. Most of the time that info is on the back next to the jacks.
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Most of them do, if for no other reason than for inventory and production statistics purposes. If it isn't on the company nameplate, look inside the box.
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I might check inside eventaully but i know for sure it isnt on the outside. maybe next time i move the thing I will check
You could call up Mesa and ask them if they put serial numbers on their cabs? Kind of an easy fix there...
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if you just wanna date it then check the speaker code, it'll tell manufacturer and date info.
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Id actually be more curious to find out how the cabinet came stock, because my gut tells me there was some minor mods along the way, its not the standard rec cab either.

it has a metal grill on the front that reads MESA/BOOGIE has 2 C90 soeakers, and 2 speakers which appear to be mesa version of V30s. the C90s are on top, the other 2 are on the bottom. I think the cabinet was originally made to have the top open back and the bottom closed back but im not sure