I want to learn the style of fingerpicking. Im not sure as to what type of guitar to buy. I was thinking about getting a classical guitar because I belive fingerpicking is more suited for that.

I guess my question is wouldnt it be alot easier if I were to buy a classical guitar to learn fingerpicking?

Or would it be the same as if I were to buy a dreadnought.

neither is really easier or more difficult, but they are very different

decide based on what style you want to play

if you go steel string you may want to look into smaller guitars than dreadnoughts, also you may want to consider the larger nut size of 1 3/4inch

but maybe not, depends what you like
They are two completely different instruments, that I do know. What do you mean by larger nut size? What difference in sound will that give me?

I would like to learn some old school metalica and some beethoven. Kinda darkish style of music.
It all depends on if you like the softer sound of the classical or the more clear sound of the acoustic. But acoustics are more rough on the fingers than classicals.
steel string guitars usually have either 1 11/16inch or 1 3/4inch nuts, there are other sizes too but those are the most common

fingerstyle players often prefer the larger 1 3/4inch but not always

you might want to go to a guitar store and try out some of each

the difference will not be in sound but in playability, it's just a personal preference