Hi, I recently bought a used Fender Telecaster and a Vox AC4TV combo amp to attempt to learn guitar.

One thing I've noticed is that the amp seems to hum and produce a white noise sound when ever it is turned on, even with the signal to it muted via a tuner pedal. The hum is loud enough to be heard over my playing when the volume is at comfortable bedroom levels and fairly audible when I crank the amp into overdrive. Is it normal for a small tube combo to do this or did I get a defective unit? I'm well within my 30 days from guitar center so returning it would be no problem.

I'm used to my bass amp being dead quiet and this is quite a change from that. As reference, I plugged my guitar into my bass amp and although the 60 cycle hum from the tele is still present, it is nowhere near as loud. The Vox, even with the input signal muted is still louder than the 60 cycle hum through my bass amp...

It's most likely some kind of electrical interference with your guitar.

Move all electronics away (at least a good 10 feet to be safe) and see what happens. Try turning them off even. You may need to add a Faraday cage in the back, or some shielding paint to your pickup cavities. A shielded cable may be able to help too.
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Hm, even after turning off all the electronics in my room, the amp still has the same buzzing.

Just curious, but if it's something to do with electrical interference from my guitar, why does the buzzing only occur through the Vox and not through my bass amp? Not trying to be a smart alec, I'm genuinely confused.
Your bass may be shielded, blocking the interference. Try turning your Vox on without your guitar plugged in. If it still makes the noise, its not your guitar.
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I'm plugging my guitar into my bass amp, not my bass. I just tried turning it on with nothing plugged in and I was met with the same hum. I'm thinking there may be something wrong with it :/
does it have a 2 pronged or 3 pronged plug. if it only has 2 then it may be a grounding problem.
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Hm, could be that something is grounded wrong. That could cause all kinds of electrical noise. Could also be a bad cable.
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