I made a guitar. It has a plastic nut right now :/ Didn't realize the difference so just bought the cheapest one. What is the best guitar nut for keeping in tune. I mostly play rock music if it cares. Thanks!
Well for keeping in tune: A locking nut. But thats a little extreme. Try a graphite nut, or a bone nut. Maybe a compensated one.
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oh you mean guitar nut.............
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Ivory would be the best, but, since it's illegal, you have alot of options. Real bone is the best choice for sustain, but graphite or a graphtech nut is the best for tuning stability.

Roller nuts are good to, but the installation is permanent. Same with locking nuts.
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That'll work for a guitar, with those nut dimensions. Measure your nut, and see if it'll fit...that's like, old school graphtech, like, from the 90's...new old stock, cool.
Bone has more sustain than plastic, yes

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Do NOT spray paint it, it would provide more friction, causing the string to catch. The whole point of getting a graphite nut, for say, is because it will not catch the string, so you can get more precise tuning.
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For me it's my left. It holds better conversations then my right nut. Not to mention, my right nut always itches more than the left.

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There are two schools of thought about Nuts for staying in tune. Either a low friction Nut or a locking nut are the two preferable, depending on where you want the "pull" of the string to end.

With a low-friction nut, there is a constant tension between the bridge and the tuning pegs, as you play the tension is spread across the string. A locking nut will keep only a constant tension between the bridge and the nut; there are a number of advantages to this, including stability when using a tremolo, plus many locking nut guitars can hold they're tuning indefinitely (this is reported more often on locking nut-floyd rose combos, so it might be some combination of those to pieces of hardware that causes that).

There also some disadvantages to each. Mainly, with a low friction nut, you have to be able to make sure the winds on your tuning pegs are strong, and you get a little friction from bridge saddles and string trees, which sort of negates the low friction nut's main advantage. The locking nut makes changing strings, and changing tunings noticeably more complicated; some people argue that it's worth it, but if you have really sweaty hands while playing or go through strings fast, it is an extra step that you have to deal with.
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Only get a locking nut if you have fine tuners.
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Only get a locking nut if you have fine tuners.


They're the best. I have two guitars with them.
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because the locking of the nut changes the string tension ever so slightly. without finetuners in the bridge to correct this, your guitar will sound like a hot mess.
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The gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die"
Id say human bone, at least for heavy metal
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