so like..it's a very first sketch, just want to get an idea on if it's good or not.
it's pop with a slight tint of rock.

Time goes by so fast~
Lookin' back opportunities missed.

Livin' with guilt its like a drug
Addiction that can-not be healed..

So holdddd my handd, not rushh a thingg,
its precious moments like this to keep..
So come on babyy, lets take a walk.

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Quick editing: Don't hyphenate "cannot." Put an apostrophe for "it's" in both places. You only need one period unless you're going to put an ellipsis. There'ss no reasonnnn to adddddd end letterssss. Ifff this is to showwww howw the vocalssss willlll be done, lettttttttttt that stayyyyy innnnnn yourrrrrr headdddddddddddddddddd please.

Errors: Living with guilt has an easy-in-theory solution: penance. And drug addiction isn't healed (i.e. a broken leg is healed), it's cured (i.e. diseases are cured).

Other than that, give it life. This is a carpe diem piece. To whom are you talking? What's the purpose of the walk? Metaphorical, literal, allegorical, Al Gore Vidal? Back story of the characters? You don't need to rewrite Canterbury Tales, but personality is needed.

Godspeed, be well, remember garlic is good for your health, and keep rockin' in the free world.
I am a fake mountain.