Well hello! I have some stuff to sell and/or trade. First off, I would like to carry out any transactions in person, but if I have to, I will ship.
I have a custom black pearloid strat 2 humbucker pickguard from Pickguardian -$55 new, 40$ OBO, according to their site, although it might be more for the pickup configuration, i don't know.
I also have the exact same thing only for 3 single coils, also 55$ new. Also 40$ OBO.
I have a carvin C22N pickup, listed as
LIST PRICE: $95.00
on carvin's website, I'm selling that for 35 OBO, it may need a new lead wire
I have 6 epiphone pickups from various Les Paul's and possibly other models, you can offer on those.
I have a Johnson Catalyst Floyd rose neck (no nut) for 40$ OBO
I also have a Dimebag Crybaby wah from hell for 80$ OBO
I have a 12 inch Fender special design speaker for 40$
I have 2 amps, a Fender frontman 15R and a silvertone smart IIIs, i really don't know how much I want for them. I accept trades for anything, really, so If you're interested in anything, PM me or respong to my thread. Thanks! (Sorry there are no pictures, but most of this stuff can be googled pretty easily)
Hi random people