I built a fulltone ocd as per this layout


With the PCB and everything

I don't really have an idea wether or not it sounds good though because there is this HORRIBLE hum that is as loud as any guitar signal I can put through it which renders the pedal useless.

I have tried to find the source of the hum and have not been able to. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or, any idea where it is coming from?

Thanks in advance.
What kind of enclosure is it in? Are you sure it's grounded properly? Is there perhaps a ground loop?
Did you make the PCB yourself? Hum is usually a ground problem but it could just as easily be something else.

Can you post some good, clear pictures so we can have a look and maybe spot something. If you are testing it out of the enclosure you may have to connect the grounds of input and output jacks together to complete the grounds. There are only 2 ground pads on that board that I can see so make sure the switch, DC jack, input/output jacks are all grounded.