hey guys,

i'm alright at getting pinch harmonics on the higher frets from 7 onwards...but i'd like to do those squeals in songs like laid to rest...any suggestions?

I don't understand how you can't do pinch harmonics lower than 7th fret. Maybe you should learn Stillborn by Black Label Society, could help you out a bit
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i have similar problem, exept for some reason i cant do PH on low E. Thats ridiculous, because on every other string, no matter high or low fret -making guitar scream isnt a problem
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I'm the opposite. The E string is super easy for me and I have more trouble the higher I go up fret and string wise.

Try digging in to it more. Find the sweet spot and really dig in to it.
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I'm the opposite. The E string is super easy for me and I have more trouble the higher I go up fret and string wise.


Just keep at it and vary your attack and touch and position until you can get it. It's easier to get harmonics with the bridge pickup and a lot of gain, so maybe to start you should have that going.
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Like everything in guitar, it just takes practice. Since you can do them above the 7th fret, I'm assuming your technique is sufficient. So all you have to do is go to like the 3rd fret or wherever and just try to find the harmonics by playing pinch harmonics and moving your strumming hand up and down the string. Sooner or later you will find the best spots.
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