I loved it. The guitar riff was really cool, and the voice fitted very nicely. In the beginning the guitar was kind of dominating a bit too much, but around the middle the mix was perfect, and the ending was just breathtaking!
You say that this song is a bit different.. But I'd love to hear more of this type of music from you! Do you have an EP or anything released?


- Huliheaden
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beginning riff is really original and haunting! love it
and the voice matches perfectly, although it could be a bit louder.
also like the bit around 3:00 when the extra guitar comes in and does some nice slides and arpeggios.
very nice composition overall.

mind checking out my instrumental jazz composition?
Absolutely wonderful. I love her voice, the vocal melody and the hypnotic guitar riff.
Love it. Great guitar riff, and her voice reminds me of a mix between Kate Bush and Annie Haslem (from Renaissance).
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