gday everyone out there, new to this site ,just workin out how things run,

i would like some advice on running two marshall stacks simultanously, if theres anyone out there who is familiar with this . look forward to your replys.
cheers heaps muzza.
well gutar is a mono insturment but i think you want like an a/b splitter that lets you chooes both amps at the same time im sure theres a way to run some effects in stereo but i dont feel liek typing no more
I use 2 stacks..all Marshall heads and cabs...
I go from my guitar into a Volume pedal, (many newer volume pedals have 2 Outputs, mine has only 1) into an old Arion StageTuner (this has 2 outputs),,from here I run 1 chord to my 76 JMP 50 watt head with an "73 8x10 cab set to a slightly dirty sound...the other side I run into a Crybaby Wah, MXR distortion+ (Script model "76 or so), into a old Ibanez PT multieffects pedal for chorus , reverb, noise gate etc ( I actually COULD go stereo out of this for better Chorus/delay type effects, but Ilike it the way I got it now) then to my '83 JCM 800 with 2 4x10 cabs ( I personally like the 10's cause it keeps the bass from being to boomy and I can get all the bass I need )..pretty dirty sounding but all through the pedal so I can clean it up if I have to...I mic each cab seperately with SM57's each to its own channel on the board...the soundman can mix as he needs, I get a good stage sound and the mix sounds like 2 guitars playing in harmony...especially when soloing with a wah wah on 1 side..Man in the box sounds awesome this way for instance..
hope this helps...
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this forum is for new members to ask questions on how to use the site. guitar related questions are not allowed in this part, and no one really hangs out here. trying asking here, as you'll get a lot more help.
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